Published August 11, 2011 by Sara

Well, I have been stocking up on new supplies for my store, I spawned into a new idea of making light switch plates and i already have 3 people asking me if I make these to sell. *wow* Even Art was telling him he was really liking how Julia’s turned out. Which I plan to redo Emily’s and Gwen’s. But I had planned on making these to sell, which my original intent was not that. It was just to make these for my kids rooms. But looking at my vast stamp collection. I have so many other things to do. Plus I have learned a new technique to get the clay to be released from a stamp, being as I attempted this before and the smaller parts stayed inside the stamp. *How exciting!!* i just wish it wasn’t such a pain in the keister to start in the first place…..

I even finally made a trip out to Hobby Lobby to see what all the hype was about this store and really, I wasn’t “too” impressed. BUT the trip wasn’t in vain, being as I picked up a glass cutter and was finally able to cut my glass bottles that I was hoping to turn into glasses, maybe pen holders, vases, etc. The possibilities are endless.

And then I also got a Beginner’s Beadmaking Kit. Comes with everything I need to get started making my own glass beads. My friend Deidre has been AWESOME with helping me with questions and such. She is AWESOME! In fact she was JUST published in a glass working book. I hope someday I am featured. We shall see. Etsy can open so many possibilities for crafter’s. 

I have even been thinking about creating my own tutorials and once I have a few together, I will see if I can get published. But I want to wait till I have enough unique ideas to make it worth while. (Honestly, I don’t see why I can’t, there are some books out there that I can not believe have EVER been published.)

And this ties in with my previous post. Normally I don’t try to hit up Michael’s so often, but since this week they have a 40% off coupon, I have been stocking up on the newer items they have from Lisa Pavleka. Molds and embossing cutters. 

Now time to organize my work are, which I am quickly outgrowing. *sigh* I think I may take over the hutch in order to help me stay here on the main floor. I really love being up here around my family….


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