Friendship Bracelets

Published August 5, 2011 by Sara

My kids have been asking me to make them a couple for a week or so now. Well, the other day when we were at Michael’s I decided to pick up some string. 

I just started making them today and I forgot how easy this is. I’ve been making them like I just made one yesterday. 

I use to make these all the time for my friends growing up. I remember sitting on my front porch with my little tote of embroidery floss. I totally would deck everyone out in the neighborhood! 

I know these are not that difficult to make. But for Gwen I have been making the Chevron style and I would like to make myself the inverse Chevron, but when I started, for some reason, it wasn’t coming out right. ?? Not too sure what I was doing wrong, but will try again after Gwen’s. 

I even finally learned how to make those plastic lanyards. I want to say I made one at one time, but either way. I now know how to make them. The square style and the rounded one, now to figure out how to incorporate this as jewelry. I have some REALLY awesome ideas for this one style of plastic line I picked up. It’s so sparkly and so 80’s I am pretty sure these will be quite popular for Halloween.

This is the only part I hate, is trying to figure this part out and make it work. 🙂 Well and it’s fun too….. maybe. 😛


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