Published August 5, 2011 by Sara

Well my husband is looking to start college again.We’re not too sure we will be able to get him started in the fall, but hoping to get the wheels churning again. 

See, he was laid off from his job 3 years ago, being as his job went overseas. When that was brought to umemployment’s attention. The people that were laid off were given the opportunity to learn a new trade, be it take college courses or learn a new trade by taking elective classes. Well, my husband felt take college. Get a degree under his belt and he would be paid the whole time he would be in school. Once unemployment was exhausted, he would roll into TRA benefits that would pay for his schooling, books and remainder of unemployment.

We’ve been finding all sorts of people on Facebook from the old crew and it’s interesting to hear where they have all ended up. Most of which that did not take advantage of college, but they have all moved on into different companies. 

But my husband was so awesome at drafting that I explained to him he should go into architecture. With his disability, this would be something completely up his alley. I know he’s the active type for employment, but he is so incredibly smart, this would give him another awesome opportunity. 

Also, he would prefer to wait till he has graduated from PT and is 100% able to function on his own. Which is a smart move. 

I am always amazed by my husband. He never lets anything define him and he is always looking for a way to move forward. 

And who knows, this may fall by the wayside and something else may come up. We will know more when he goes to the DVR .


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