Jem and The Holograms / Hub World

Published June 23, 2011 by Sara

A few weeks ago I was contacted about making 40-50 pairs of my Jem Led earrings. I replied and stated it was something I could do and gave them a quote. Well after a few days, I figured, oh well, they change their minds or my quote was too high. Well, they contacted me back and said they would love to take the offer. 

After a few emails back and forth, come to find out, this is for Hub World, being as they just picked up Jem and have been airing it on their network. *mouth agap* Are you kidding me? Some huge network LOVES my LED earrings and actually want to commision me to make these for the people who work within the network as an internal booster? I am just literally tickled!! 

This is almost as exciting as making a pair for Sam Newark, the woman who gave Jem her awesome singing voice! I am literally speechless and am now wishing I had dedicated some more time to making themed earrings for the other characters! I did make only ONE pair of Pizazz earrings and they are in existence somewhere out there, but I never made another. But that’s not to say it was in the back of my mind, tons of people go all out and dress up as the band, heck sometimes the whole crew from the cartoon. 

I seriously think after I am done with this order. I will definitely start making a point to make the other characters earrings come to life. And if anyone out there reads this, and you have any suggestions. I will welcome any input!

Also, just on the heels of this order. This wonderful lady featured my earrings in her blog after she caught Jem on The Hub. This is truly what I had been hoping for all along and knew at some point, my earrings would garner some attention. This chicka is just tickled pink! 😉

My store only has a few listings up, but once this special order is done, it will be back in full business. You can find me here :

Etsy : jegascreations (at some point, I hope to move my store to my new name.)

Artfire : pinkclaymonkey

Bonanza : pinkclaymonkey

Ok, back to work on my “truly outrageous” massive order!


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