Cufflinks and Newer Items

Published December 2, 2010 by Sara

Well I have certainly been busy these past few months! Holy Moly! But I have been working on newer items as well. 

I retook some photos of old stock, since I have built myself a new light box, there are lots of items that need to have their photos redone. To which I also picked up some sheets of scrap book paper and have been using those as backgrounds as well. The three new items I used those with turned out amazing!

Click on the photo tabs to reveal the photo.

-Butter Beer Bottle Charm

-Lumos Bottle Charm

-Nox Bottle Charm

-Boo Bottle Charm

Also I have ordered newer charms :


-Spiderman on a building, and these are just so damn cute! But sadly my supplier only had 4 of these left when I ordered……who knows when and if he will restock these.

And then here are some newer style cufflinks. Which I am not listing all of them, just some of my favorites :

-Animal, which I also have Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Kermit

Animal Cufflinks

-Alfred P. Neumann from Mad Magazine

These are just a few snippets of what I have available. Which you can find these here @


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