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Published December 2, 2010 by Sara

I have decided to close my store early this year. My doors will close on Dec 20th and the tenative date for me to reopen my doors is Jan 4th, but may change. I have worked for 2 years straight without a vacation and during Thanksgiving I attempted to take a break and still ended up working….. BUT mainly my fault for not putting my stores in vacation mode. But come Monday, holy orders! I had 24 International alone! And normally I am used to 1-3…maybe 5 every couple of days. 

ALSO, any of my items that are made to order. The last date to place an order for those listings will be Dec. 16th. 

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!!


Cufflinks and Newer Items

Published December 2, 2010 by Sara

Well I have certainly been busy these past few months! Holy Moly! But I have been working on newer items as well. 

I retook some photos of old stock, since I have built myself a new light box, there are lots of items that need to have their photos redone. To which I also picked up some sheets of scrap book paper and have been using those as backgrounds as well. The three new items I used those with turned out amazing!

Click on the photo tabs to reveal the photo.

-Butter Beer Bottle Charm

-Lumos Bottle Charm

-Nox Bottle Charm

-Boo Bottle Charm

Also I have ordered newer charms :


-Spiderman on a building, and these are just so damn cute! But sadly my supplier only had 4 of these left when I ordered……who knows when and if he will restock these.

And then here are some newer style cufflinks. Which I am not listing all of them, just some of my favorites :

-Animal, which I also have Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Kermit

Animal Cufflinks

-Alfred P. Neumann from Mad Magazine

These are just a few snippets of what I have available. Which you can find these here @