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Published September 9, 2010 by Sara

I am debating putting my store on vacation, but am thinking I will wait out till after this weekend and I have the opportunity to recharge my batteries. 

I have been busting my butt in which to makes sales since Feb/March. I am the only one bringing in income at the moment. But we have been extremely foturnate and my husband has finally received his approval for SSD. Which this could not come at a better time, we had enough left in savings to finance one last house payment and after that, I do not know what we would do. But now that worry is gone and I don’t feel like I have any stress. I almost forgot what it felt to live without this on my shoulders. 

If I do put my store on vacation, it will only be for a week. Being as we are approaching the holiday season and this is when I have the best sales. I don’t want to miss anything!! 🙂  (This usually funds our Christmas shopping and also I spoil myself with something really nice, I hope to get my OWN business computer, but we shall see….)


Hair Ribbons

Published September 4, 2010 by Sara

I have purchased a lot of ribbon last year on the clearance racks for anticipation of making these cute reindeer ones I had seen. But for some reason, I could not find the photo, which I thought I had saved. I spent a good chunk last night browsing the internet in hopes I could find it. No such luck. Tried again today and found it!! I am so relieved! I can’t even say how I found it! It was one of those things, you click on a link, another link within that link and then onto another. So I was just all over trying to find it.

I am just a little sad it’s too late to monkey with it now, but now there is something to look forward to do tomorrow. AFTER the house work is done of course! 🙂