Disney Up Grape Bracelet

Published August 28, 2010 by Sara

Finally I have my new item listed, which is the *drumroll please* Disney’s Up Grape Badge Bracelet. It took some finding the vintage caps I used with the bracelet, being as the supplier I was originally pointed to, no longer carried them.

But low and behold among searching for other items, I stumbled across this vintage caps and was so excited! Even more excited when I found they sold a bottle cap that says “Up and Up”. Which is so fitting for what these caps are meant for.

Here is a photo :

Well, I am not to thrilled with using jump rings to attach the bottle caps and I do have some double jump rings that would reinforce it. And just learned I need split ring pliers. It is now 1am and everyone is closed. *meh* Oh well, but I know what I am doing tomorrow!! 😛

Also, I am excited to be offering cufflinks as well in the Grape Badge style as well. I quite can not fit a safety pin on them, but am cooking up ideas on how to make that work. I haven’t seen any sales on them yet, but I just took the price down a notch in hopes that might generate some interest. (There’s watchers, but still no buyers.) But after tomorrow, my time will be limited again to just concentrating on sales and shipping out orders, being as my husband is getting back into the swing of more appointments. Which I am not looking forward too….. *sigh*


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