New Items

Published August 27, 2010 by Sara

I have been working like crazy to get new items ready for the anticipated holiday season. I would love to share my “in the works” items, but have learned my lesson to NOT disclose those. But what you can find is a new Harry Potter bracelet, which WOW, is taking off like wild fire! I did not realize how many people would be interested in that. SO, the other day I was running all over Milwaukee to try and find the beads I had used as adornments. I pretty much found all of them except for the star face. But that is ok, I am hoping to replace that with maybe a bird to symbolize a Phoenix or possibly another star design. My Grape pins have been so well received, that I have introduced cufflinks, since so many women purchase it for the fiance for their wedding. I actually just had someone come through to purchase some for her wedding party. (Which I am hoping to get photos to share.)

Also, in the meantime I am thinking of creating a crafting/sample blog, being as I try so many products. I am hoping to share my trial and errors with fellow crafters.

Trying products when it comes out of your own pocket can be quite expensive, so rarely do I venture out to try a product unless I read some REALLY good reviews. So keep checking back!! I am on a roll now! 🙂


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