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Ghostbuster Cufflinks

Published August 30, 2010 by Sara

Well, with the Halloween season upon us. I figured it would good to list  my ever popular Ghostbuster cuff links! What a great way for a man (BUT  I am hearing women are starting to wear cufflinks) to accessorize their  business suit, but in a small way. 🙂


Disney Up Grape Bracelet

Published August 28, 2010 by Sara

Finally I have my new item listed, which is the *drumroll please* Disney’s Up Grape Badge Bracelet. It took some finding the vintage caps I used with the bracelet, being as the supplier I was originally pointed to, no longer carried them.

But low and behold among searching for other items, I stumbled across this vintage caps and was so excited! Even more excited when I found they sold a bottle cap that says “Up and Up”. Which is so fitting for what these caps are meant for.

Here is a photo :

Well, I am not to thrilled with using jump rings to attach the bottle caps and I do have some double jump rings that would reinforce it. And just learned I need split ring pliers. It is now 1am and everyone is closed. *meh* Oh well, but I know what I am doing tomorrow!! 😛

Also, I am excited to be offering cufflinks as well in the Grape Badge style as well. I quite can not fit a safety pin on them, but am cooking up ideas on how to make that work. I haven’t seen any sales on them yet, but I just took the price down a notch in hopes that might generate some interest. (There’s watchers, but still no buyers.) But after tomorrow, my time will be limited again to just concentrating on sales and shipping out orders, being as my husband is getting back into the swing of more appointments. Which I am not looking forward too….. *sigh*

New Domain

Published August 27, 2010 by Sara

It’s official! I purchased the domain for my new store with Ebay. Once the listings end on my old account, they will move over to my new account. 

I may keep both going, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, I am thinking of ways to create listings for cheap prices, to establish my account, bring in some seller feedback and bring up my score. The more I bring in the less Ebay will leave my new account alone. 

I have heard how hard Ebay can be when starting out, but this is crazy!! How on earth they get anyone to start out on here, is crazy!

I have also created a fan page on Facebook for my customers, to stay up to date with me and my new creations! Summer is fast approaching and it’s hard to keep me inside. But I hope to get cracking on my new ideas and get my production stocked and ready for Halloween. 

Which I have noticed I am getting faster at making some of my items, which is a plus. Means less time working and more time for me to spend with my family. 🙂

New Items

Published August 27, 2010 by Sara

I have been working like crazy to get new items ready for the anticipated holiday season. I would love to share my “in the works” items, but have learned my lesson to NOT disclose those. But what you can find is a new Harry Potter bracelet, which WOW, is taking off like wild fire! I did not realize how many people would be interested in that. SO, the other day I was running all over Milwaukee to try and find the beads I had used as adornments. I pretty much found all of them except for the star face. But that is ok, I am hoping to replace that with maybe a bird to symbolize a Phoenix or possibly another star design. My Grape pins have been so well received, that I have introduced cufflinks, since so many women purchase it for the fiance for their wedding. I actually just had someone come through to purchase some for her wedding party. (Which I am hoping to get photos to share.)

Also, in the meantime I am thinking of creating a crafting/sample blog, being as I try so many products. I am hoping to share my trial and errors with fellow crafters.

Trying products when it comes out of your own pocket can be quite expensive, so rarely do I venture out to try a product unless I read some REALLY good reviews. So keep checking back!! I am on a roll now! 🙂