New Blog, New Ideas

Published May 15, 2010 by Sara

Well I heard about this on Kim Iverson’s radio show this evening and while I used Myspace for blogging. I have not blogged in forever. I have tried to get back on my blogger account in hopes to use that for my business, but alas, I have yet to start using it again.

SO, here I am. Another attempt to jump start a blog about my business, current projects in the works and just random blurbs I may toss out here into this black hole on the internet. My facebook friends will thank me for posting my ramblings over here versus using my FB to try and use my status updates which would be best fitted for a blog. 😛

I am very excited this week has been very good sales wise and am hoping to see this trend continue, being as I am the sole provider in my household at the moment and while this may put a lot on my shoulders, this is a really good learning experience! It’s making me delve further into learning the market and pushing my limits to the max as far as creating.

I really feel like I am using my artistic strengths versus before when I would print images and transfer them to polymer clay. That doesn’t make me feel like I am gaining the ground or the market I want to squeeze myself into.

I have finally been making things with my own two hands and venturing further out of my safety zone.

Sometimes I think maybe I should just give this up, being as having a job outside the home is much easier versus having one at home. My job is ALWAYS here. My work is ALWAYS on my mind. I really need to find a way to separate myself and enjoy my time off, which is suppose to be weekends, but that doesn’t seem to be happening as of late. A job outside the home, when your shift is done, you are done, physically and mentally. Working from home, it’s here at every corner.

I constantly have a notebook I am always toting around to fill with new ideas or inspirations.

I also have many photographs that I would love to sell as prints, but haven’t committed time to sit down and figure out how this will all transpire. Who I will print through, how will I ship this once an order has been placed. But I need to get cracking, being as some are 4th of July and I know they would be most awesome for note cards / greeting cards.

I also have many new designs that I would love to start working with, but alas, I am sick and have been for a few days now. I think this is my body telling me, SLOW DOWN! LOL

I think I really should start teaching my husband how this all works, so at least I can get some help from him, since he is disabled at the moment. Plus it would give him some insight into just how much this is involved. Maybe this would give him some sense of purpose as well.

But to anyone who is following this, thanks for letting me long winded. I am sooooo overdue for a blog post it isn’t funny and after all this, I remember why I loved blogging so much!


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